Foundation for Effective Markets and Governance (FEMAG)

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FEMAG, is a not-for-profit body, providing advice and assistance to improve the workings of markets and thus financial inclusion and the accountability of governments.

FEMAG was formed in 1999 and specializes in providing advice, particularly in developing countries, on consumer and competition policy and regulation and on accountability and integrity institutions of government. Markets and governments that are effective are both efficient and equitable thus inclusive.

FEMAG works for responsiveness of public policy on markets and their regulation to consumers and for accountability of governments to citizens. It concerns itself especially with empowerment of citizens to make markets and governments work in their interests. An important aim of the Foundation is to foster and assist in the development and administration of rules for markets that work effectively for consumers and producers cross nationally.

FEMAG members possess skills and experience in consumer and competition policy, regulation, governance and accountability, public policy and administration. Membership includes well experienced, former senior officials; of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Federal Bureau of Consumer Affairs and Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, senior officers of other government agencies, people who have served on a range of regulatory and policy advisory bodies, academics specializing in regulation and former leaders of consumer and other civil society organisations. FEMAG is affiliated with the Regulatory Institutions Network, in the School of Regulation, Justice and Diplomacy at the Australian National University, Canberra.

Foundation News

Luke Nottage joins FEMAG

Luke Nottage has a become a member of FEMAG. Luke is Professor of Comparative and Transnational Business Law at the University of Sydney. He is also Director of Japanese Law Links Pty Ltd

He brings a wide range of experience in consumer law to the Foundation, and a history of international work on justice system reform and consumer law harmonisation.

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Colin Plowman joins FEMAG

Colin Plowman has a become a Director of FEMAG. Colin brings to the Foundation extensive expertise in public sector financial management, evaluation and review.

For 4 years he was Registrar of the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal, within the Department of Finance and Deregulation.

Colin worked previously as First Assistant Secretary Corporate Services, and Director of Evaluation and Audit in that Department. He also has been responsible for the evaluation and audit of the Australian Government's Indigenous programs, and was Director of Governance at the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

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Essential elements for effective regulation of therapeutic goods and services claims

A paper on the regulation of therapeutic goods and services claims by FEMAG Secretary Bill Dee is available below.

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